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Apricot Poppy Seed Scones

In high school I was the editor of my school newsmagazine. For a good while it was my passion. As an anti-social perfectionist, I was perfectly satisfied spending every ounce of my spare time in the staff room working on the paper. I spent so much time and effort that Ms. Wood and I actually because best friends.. Not only did we spend time on the paper, but getting our mind off the paper too. Sure, we had a great share of writing competitions, workshops, and conventions together, but there were also lunches, trips to the mall, and late-night-on-the-phone-gossip conversations. She was a great lady, I've never had a friend quite like her.
One day late in my junior year she came to school with a glass container full of apricot scones. They were homemade, and she was so proud of them. She was so excited to offer me the biggest one, all while she explained how she had used Splenda instead of sugar, to keep them low-fat. Now, while evaluating the situation lets keep in mind:
1. I am a vegan, and she knows this.
2. I can't keep splenda infested products in my mouth
3. I don't much fancy apricots..
After a not-quite-brief moment of hesitation I take a bite. Despite my long-held vegan diet I take a bite of this terrifying scone that I find by all technical standards to be completely unappetizing. Stronger than my beliefs in animal well-being and compassion, I felt that by eating it I was saving her from some internal hurt. Unlike other non-vegan things I have happened to eat over the years, I have never felt wrong or guilty for what I did that day. In fact, I can only look back on it as one of the most uncharacteristically satisfying moments in my life.

Any-who, hubby and I enjoyed these Apricot Poppy Seed Scones last night. They were a little dry, unfortunately, but they had a very nice flavor. Also they were surprisingly sweeter than I expected, which was nice. I still have some dried apricots in the pantry, so i may give these another go next week.

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