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A Failed Attempt: Injera

Today we went to one of our many local international markets, Arash.. It's always amazing how much product you can get there for such little capital. We got a bag of large carrots, mustard greens, limes, and 3 pounds of golden potatoes, a quarter of French feta (for my husband), and a quarter of medjool  dates all for $5.38. I had great visions of a wonderful Somali dinner. Unfortunately, I don't know the names of any Somali dishes. I only have the impressions left from my dinner experiences with my Somalian friends. So I made some spicy carrots and potatoes and a lentil seitan "stew". Both were incredibly delicious.. I can't say the same for the injera, which came out more like an oily cracker that tasted like sand.. I'll catch up with my Somalian sisters and learn from them before I try my hand at injera again.

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