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Just Beet It! - Chocolate Beet Cake?

There has definately been a beet theme going on at my house lately. Today, my favorite, beet green soup. It's been a favorite since I was a kid. My grandma would make it with brown rice or corn bread, which I never understood since it appears to be an Italian peasant soup.. Beet greens are my favorite green, I hate that they are so under-valued and unappreciated. Luckily, I happen to have a wonderful market up the street that allways has beautiful beets, beautiful greens intact, for sale. I wish I had a photo, because it really is gorgeous. I was actually so excited to eat it that it was gone before I could find my camera. Ooops..

At any rate, I was able to hold out on my chocolate beet cake long enough to snap a few shots. I spun off of a recipe from the FatFree Vegan Kitchen blog. (A wonderful blog, btw). I ran out of sugar, so I used date syrup, rather relunctantly after some pretty dank blueberry muffins. I also added a bit of plain yougurt and some applesauce. Though rather dense, this cake had an amazingly decadent flavor. I can't imagine how anyone could guess that there are beets in it. Amazing!

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